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At ATP, we are dedicated to putting our customers first. That means seeing issues from your point-of-view, delivering benchmark quality at competitive prices and fostering a culture where the best ideas win. These are just some of the imperatives that move us forward. All of our work and our entire way of doing business is based on a set of core principles:

Integrity: Operating with full integrity is at the core of our business. We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words. You can rely on us to stick to our commitments, to always act with honesty and transparency and to take responsibility for our actions.


Commitment to Excellence: We operate in a challenging, exciting and highly competitive industry. To achieve success, we must commit ourselves to excellence through hard work and innovation. By putting together, the right people, expertise, systems and processes in place we can deliver superior results for our clients and the firm.

Openness: Our employees are encouraged to voice their opinions, share insights without inhibition and avoid engaging in political games. It is also important to take accountability for our mistakes, listen and try to learn from others.

Entrepreneurial mindset: We differentiate our company by fostering creativity and constantly challenging ourselves to deliver value added services to our customers at competitive rates through innovative solutions. As we are entering a new growth phase, we look to our people to lead the expansion our business by thinking proactively and anticipating challenges and opportunities for the firm and clients.

Diversity: We believe having diversity of thought, experience, expertise and background will enhance creativity in the work environment and is important for emergence of new ideas and enabling superior performance. We strive for diversity, because we believe it is fundamental to our success that we accept, value and incorporate the contribution of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 


Fairness & Respect: We as a firm and individuals must be fair and do what is right all the time. Respecting each other is at the core of our culture and all employees are expected to treat each other the way they want to be treated.


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