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Corporate Responsibility is integral part of our business. As a forward looking logistics company based in Middle East, we fully recognize the impact we have on the environment, business ethics and your business. With impact follows a great social responsibility. By focusing on three key Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with specific goals, we try to add value to those around us and our society as a whole. Our focal points are: 

Business ethics and anti-corruption

We have a zero tolerance approach to corruption, and we want to make transparent business agreements with you. Our code of conduct ensures that our employees play by the book and adhere to our business ethics. That goes for our suppliers and partners too.

Employees and working environment

Our employees are the backbone of our company. We want satisfied, happy employees and a safe working environment. And we comply with national legislation on labour standards.

Environment and climate

Warehousing and transporting large shipments every year put a strain on the environment. That is why we are working now to set targets to improve our energy efficiency and encourage our global partners to adopt similar measures. We are also working to reduce our environmental impact by recycling paper, plastic and cardboard at our locations.

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